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Marcella, 15, Brazil.
I'm a girl with lots of dreams and opinions but not that much interested people to share them with.
If you want some help, know I'm here! I'd be glad to try to make you feel a little better. If you're new, come and say hi!
Besides Glee, I adore Castle, Once Upon A Time, Body of Proof and Law and Order.
I am also a bookaholic who reads 24/7, and is always willing to learn new stuff.
So... Be my guest, and enjoy my beautiful shipper world. And be aware: I'm a two OTP girl. Caskett and Wemma make me believe in love.



I always thought of myself alone, in the future. 

Successful, living in a huge town in a large loft and lots of friends, with my parents and sister, whom I love… But no husband, boyfriend, children, or whatever.

No, I’m not assexual or anything. I just assumed the premise that nobody would ever want to marry me. 

When I was a little girl, I saw my friends getting thousands of crushes, compliments for their beauty and charm, and I got nothing similar. Even though I was quite hard working, read a lot and wanted to talk and make friends, that seemed to come by unnoticed. My huge nose, freckles, ugly teeth and chubbyness always built a negative first impression of myself. People only appreciated cuteness, looks, and then I decided I wouldn’t be that superficial. 

The years passed, and though (I believe) I became a little less ugly, not much has changed. I still am less appreciated than many of the girls I know. That stopped bothering me so hard, nonetheless. Because I found some dreams to pursue, knolledge to obtain, and people that fascinated me. The boys still don’t look at me. They look for the girls whose dream is having a boob job, who get drunk twice a weekend, who are willing to have sex at any time.

More than once, I questioned myself about why I was different from them, and whether it was worth it or not. I blamed me for that! My parents always pitied me, somehow, because I  had trouble fitting in, but I showed them I am happy to be who I am. 

I have faith in me. I learned to love the way I am, though I find myself a little doubtful once in a while. But that’s life, isn’t it? That might be why I am that big fanatic shipper. For all my life, I have seen love as something distant, unachievable, just because I was not mainstream. But my ships made me believe in love again, believe that I could be loved.

Once I read the only trick for finding true love is stop looking for it. 

Maybe, that will work for me.

Maybe, I’m just reading too many fairytales.

TThat’s me in Glee Live, in London, 2011. The best day of my life!

And this is me in a photoshoot I did on january 17, (any thoughts on that date, wemmites?) to celebrate my sweet 15 anniversary. 

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